Hardwood Plywoods

At Eldorado, we have exclusive access to a full range of hardwood plywoods. Whether you are looking for Anigre or Zebrawood, we are sure to find what you are looking for.

Our product range offers all cuts, with matching options available for the most technical of projects.

Columbia Forest Products

PureBond is Columbia Forest products exclusive formaldehyde- free innovation for hardwood plywood manufacturing. Replacing traditional urea formaldehyde (UF) hardwood plywood construction with EPA awardwinning, soy based PureBond enables Columbia to eliminate any added urea formaldehyde from standard veneer core and NAUF composite hardwood plywood core panels. Made in the US and Canada, Purebond is environmentally friendly and promotes healthy indoor air quality. Available in countless real-wood veneer surface options.


Murphy Plywood

Murphy sets the industry standard and delivers products that exceed national standards and often customer expectations. Murphy takes pride in producing higher-grade hardwood plywood and panels and consistently delivers customized products with precision thickness and quality. 


Flat Cut

Flat cut veneer is the most common cut used in the wood products industry. This cutting technique creates a cathedral design in the veneer and produces a nice, consistent surface for staining and finishing.

Lengthwise Slicing

This cutting method is done from a board of flat sawn lumber, rather than from a log. As a result of utilizing this technique, a variegated design is created in the veneer.

Plain Slicing

Production of this veneer sees the cuts made parallel to the center of the log. As a result, a raised cathedral design in the veneer is formed by the innermost growth rings.

Half-round Slicing

This option sees the veneer sliced on an arc, parallel to the center of the log. As a result, this cut achieves a
flat cut design.

Rift Cut

Rift cut veneer is popular with people who are looking for a straight grain design. Over the years, this cut has become a favourite among kitchen designers, as it embodies both European and Contemporary aspects.

To achieve this cut, production methods see a log being sliced at a slight angle in order to minimize the irregularities in the wood. As a result, the veneer appears to have a straight grain design. This method is optimal for red and white oak veneer.

Quarter Cut

Quarter cut veneer is popular for projects that require a distinctive and characteristic flare. This flare design is caused by cutting across the medulla ray of a log. The most common application of quarter cut veneer is in mission style furniture.

This production method sees slices made perpendicular to the annual growth rings of a log. As a result, this creates a straight grain design in the veneer.

Rotary Cut

Rotary cut is most commonly used in the production of birch and maple veneers. This cut creates a unique swirl design in the veneer and is popular because of the speed of processing can help reduce the costs attributed to manufacturing.

To achieve this cut, logs are centered on a lathe and turned against a broad cutting knife, set into the log at a slight angle.

The expert team at Eldorado can offer technical references to assist you with your project, ensuring you and your client know what to expect with the finished product.

Special order material is available upon request, subject to availability and minimum purchase amounts. Please contact our sales team for additional information.